Junior Kids

Age 6-9

The Junior Kids kickboxing and jiu jitsu program offers impactful benefits that will help your child learn how to make positive choices, improve their confidence, increase their focus, and develop self-control, all in a fun and secure environment.

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An educational fitness experience

Junior Kids programs include both kickboxing and jiu jitsu and teach a mix of kicking, punching, ground fighting, and grappling and submission holds in order to teach self-defense and build confidence during a challenging fitness program.

The principles at Brown's

  • Honesty – the ability to tell the truth, keep a promise and admit mistakes
  • Integrity – crafting strong moral principles to use in everyday life
  • Courage – developing a strong mind and heart with the ability to say “no” to negative influences
  • Kindness – being able to show love and compassion to others and animals
  • Self-control – learning the importance of respect for both themselves and others

All children’s programs are designed with your child’s personal development in mind and come equipped with a weekly virtues program, which contains 50 impactful lessons that will shape your child’s character and build confidence. Learn more about our Virtues Program here.

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