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Kickboxing and jiu jitsu for ages 15 and up

At Brown’s we think it’s never too late to learn something new or try a different workout program. Our kickboxing and jiu jitsu classes are an exciting way to mix things up in your workout routine, build confidence and gain or tone muscle. Our programs are interactive, led by experienced instructors and open to beginners.

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Kickboxing is an effective and impactful full-body workout that will have you burning through 800 calories per class, toning your muscles and improving your flexibility.

What each class offers:

  • Every kickboxing class features a strengthening and a stretching element.
  • This program is designed to challenge our students and help them reach their best selves.
  • Training and confidence to meet the physical fitness requirements in order to pass each belt rank.

Jiu jitsu

Jiu jitsu is an intense workout and self-defense tactic that combines martial art and combat sport based on grappling, ground fighting and submission holds.

What each class offers:

  • Each class is designed to teach you how to protect yourself against an attacker and use their strength against them.
  • This program can help improve confidence, self-defense and fitness levels.
  • Great for students in law enforcement or sports training.

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